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Below are instructions on how to close out a Comp Review once it’s fully complete (i.e., after all Comp Reviewers have entered their proposed salary increase decisions).

  1. HR Admin enters any Proposed New Base Salary for the CEO

  2. Once all Comp Reviewers are finished entering their final new salary increase decisions and the review is finalized, it’s ready for Approval

  3. In the Comp Review, click Approve Reviews, then the review budgets will appear by manager. If any Comp Reviewer has missed entering any Proposed New Base Salary for their employee(s), Kamsa will display the list of employees who need this entered before you can approve the review. 

  4. Even if a Comp Reviewer is not proposing any salary increase for an employee, they must enter the employee’s Current Base Salary (because Kamsa wants to make sure the Comp Reviewer didn’t intentionally forget to enter a proposed new salary increase for anyone). 

  5. Once any issues (like data missing) are resolved, click Approve Review.

Select the effective date of salary increases (this will apply an activity change note to both Employee Data and the employee’s Employee Profile pages).