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Below are the steps to add a user within Kamsa.

1) Within User Management, click the Add User button

2) Select the type of employee data access they will have (which employee data they can and cannot see and whether or not they can edit employee data). Options are:

  • Can only see data in their org

  • Can see all data except Kamsa People department and Executives 

  • Can see all data

3) Enter the email address for the user you’d like to add

4) Select the type of role you'd like to assign the user to. You select an existing role available from the Role drop-down menu, or create one from scratch. 

  • In User Management, click on the Roles tab → View Permissions to view or edit the permissions for that role. 

Video: User Management Overview
Inviting a Department Head user
Video: Inviting a Recruiter user

Note: If you'd like to add someone to have HR Admin access (have access to view and edit ALL employee data, as well as access to Kamsa’s full market compensation database) email with the email address for the person you’d like to give HR Admin access to, and we’ll add them.