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Review Performance Ratings & Promotions

Let’s review Equity Review eligibility.  To create an eligibility rule for the equity review, click on Manage. 

The pop-up that appears includes different criteria that you can set. Once you create an eligibility rule, Kamsa will list all of the employees who fit the criteria you selected, and you’ll be able to add exceptions to the rule. 

Once you set eligibility criteria, the shares budget calculation will exclude the employees who you identified as not eligible.

For example, if you create an eligibility rule based on the Date of Hire, the employees hired on or after the chosen date will be excluded from this Equity Review. When you click Apply, a list of employees who are not eligible for the review based on their Date of Hire will appear. You can choose employees who should still be eligible for the equity review from this list. 

Note: If someone is made not eligible in this Equity Review Eligibility section, then they will also not be eligible for a refresh grant automatically. 

Once eligibility is determined, Kamsa will calculate the budget needed for the review.