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The Comp Review Flow section of Comp Review Planning is where you can determine which of your team members will be Comp Reviewers (or those who will propose salary or equity review decisions for employees under their org). You’ll also send Kamsa login invitations for the selected management team members who will be the decision-makers. 

This video walks through how to edit the comp review flow, invite your comp reviewers into Kamsa, and what comp reviewers will see when they first log in. 

By default, when you create a Comp Review Plan, Kamsa automatically assigns each Manager (who has one or more direct reports) as the Compensation Reviewer for their direct reports. However, you can edit who the decision-makers will be (for example, if you want to keep it at a higher management level).

Comp Review Flow 

0:50  From the Comp Review Management Page, click on Comp Review Flow, then click edit to make changes.

To reassign a manager’s direct reports to another comp reviewer, click on Assign All and choose a new employee. When the new reviewer is selected, Kamsa will reassign all of the manager’s direct reports to the new chosen reviewer. If this leader has other managers as their direct reports and you want them to have a different comp reviewer, you can assign them accordingly. 

For example…Jacquelyn is a leader and has direct reports. Jarred also a manager and reports under Jaquelyn..if you want Jacquelyn to be the comp reviewer for Jarred’s direct reports, simply assign those employees to Jaquelyn.

Note that the CEO does not (and should not) have an assigned comp reviewer to avoid a loop in the flow. However, they will still require review by an Admin. When all comp reviewers have submitted their reviews, the Admin will enter the proposed new salary for the CEO and complete the review. 

When any loop occurs, a question mark tooltip will indicate where you must make a change to the reviewer. To change a single employee’s comp reviewer, click on the comp reviewer name for that employee, then select a new reviewer. 

Inviting Reviewers

2:17  When you’ve finalized the Comp Reviewers, add them as users by entering their email addresses and grant them access to Kamsa. 


Because these users' role within Kamsa is called Comp Reviewer, they will have limited access; for example, they can only view the data of employees who roll up under them. You can always update their user access within the User Management page. 


Note that inviting users into Kamsa does not kick off the Comp Review. We’ll talk about how to open the Comp Review so Comp Reviews can proceed with entering their proposed compensation decisions next.  

Comp Reviewer Log In

2:56  Now that you have invited all Comp Reviewers into Kamsa, an email invitation will be sent to them with a link to set up their password and multi-factor authentication. 

Note: The link in the email expires 48 hours after it’s sent, so if the user doesn’t register within 48 hours, they will need to go to the Kamsa login screen and click on Reset Password, where they’ll receive a new email to log in to Kamsa. 


Inviting the users to Kamsa is required to kick off the Comp Review. As an Admin, you’ll need to start and open the Comp Review for all the Comp Reviewers after sending the invites.  

Go to the Budget Summary page, where you’ll see the list of all Comp Reviewers and their budget overview. 

When the Admin clicks to Start the Comp Review, you’ll see the Budget Summary page with the list of all Comp Reviewers, their budget usage progress, and the status of where they are in the Comp Review (e.g., if the review is ready for them, if it’s been taken over, if they are waiting for other decision-makers to submit their reviews, or if they have submitted the review to the next level manager).


From the Budget Summary page, you can access the Compensation Flow. The flow starts with the first-level comp reviewers on the left, leading up to the top-level reviewer toward the right (typically the CEO). Once the CEO submits their review, the review goes to the Admin, who will enter a Proposed New Base Salary value for the CEO (if any) and approve & complete the comp review.