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Kamsa's market salary data organically reflects the impact of inflation, cost of labor, and cost of living (e.g., the value of the market demand for each job in a given country/work location). 

Therefore, the existing competitive ranges used in Kamsa (which are updated quarterly) will naturally reflect inflation and other market conditions and can be used as a data point to make pay decisions.

Below are talking points you can leverage for leaders and/or employees:

  • When making pay decisions, managers/leaders factor in various data points, including market compensation data, performance, employees’ experience/skill set, and budget.

  • The market compensation data that we leverage: 

    • Reflects actual employee data aggregated across companies similar to us (i.e., in growth and size); it matches the pool of talent in which we’d recruit from. 

    • The data organically factors in not only market trends, but things like cost of labor, cost of living, inflation, as well as what other similar companies are paying employees.