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Kamsa’s Career Paths allows you to quickly conduct job leveling across your organization.

The first page within Career Paths is the Level Descriptions page. Here is where you’ll find Kamsa’s Job Level structure. Click on the Job Levels Chart and a slideout with your selected structure will appear. This chart displays the potential management (E and M levels) and individual contributor (IC) tracks.

0:26 The Job Levels Chart demonstrates potential career progression paths for your employees. You can see that this allows the employees to advance their careers on the individual contributor track, management track, or a combination of both.

The Level Descriptions page within Career Paths has the job levels, example career paths, and a too-long; didn’t read (or TL;DR) version of the detailed job level description, along with the typical years of experience for each of the job levels.

There are compensable factors that make up the job level descriptions, things like organizational impact, responsibility, knowledge, work latitude (for individual contributors) or leadership (for management levels), interactions, and work experience, which intensify as you go up each level.

1:18 The Job Families page is where you’ll define the career paths for existing and future roles at your company.

Job Families that are listed on this page are all of the current job families that your employees are matched to within Kamsa. The Job Levels that your employees are matched to will also reflect the employees’ Business Titles. You can click on the number of employees to quickly identify which employees are currently matched to this role.

1:50 The Business Title is an internally used title for each distinct job (the Business Titles become a job catalog within the organization). It helps categorize several Company Job Titles being used across the company for the same role and then matched to the same Kamsa Job Match. For example, if both Front-End Engineer and Back-End Engineers are Company Job Titles, they both align to the Business Title, Software Engineer, and are matched to the IC3 Software Engineer Kamsa Job Match.

Finally, the Level Reviewers page is where you’ll review and confirm the Kamsa Job Matches and/or levels for each current employee at your company.

After leaders have reviewed and confirmed Job Levels for all employees under their org, your People team will work with our compensation experts to finalize compensation ranges, and see the results of how your employees’ pay compares to the market!