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Job Leveling sets up the foundation for establishing career paths and market pricing. During Job Leveling meetings, the leadership team compares each employee’s job (for example, the scope and impact of their role) and aligns them to Kamsa’s Job Level structure. They create clear and consistent Business Titles and flesh out Career Paths for all major job families under their organization.

0:25 While job leveling, consider the employee’s company job title and responsibilities and match them to a market job family and job level (that makes up the Kamsa Job Match), then establish Business Titles (usually market-friendly titles that leaders would use consistently as they hire and promote employees). This allows companies to use the same title for similar roles across the organization.

0:49 Kamsa’s job level descriptions factor in compensable factors like work latitude, responsibility, organizational impact, knowledge, and work experience. These factors can be leveraged to assess each of your employees’ jobs to their respective job levels. As you navigate Kamsa, you can click on the Job Level to see the descriptions.

1:09 The Business Title is an internally used title for each distinct job (the Business Titles become a job catalog within the organization). It helps categorize several Company Job Titles being used across the company for the same role and then matched to the same Kamsa Job Match. For example, if both Front-End Engineer and Back-End Engineers are Company Job Titles, they both align to the Business Title, Software Engineer, and are matched to the IC3 Software Engineer Kamsa Job Match. Business Titles are incorporated to establish clear career paths by job families across the org.

1:49 During job leveling meetings, we’ll look at all of the current jobs at your company and flesh out career paths based on business needs. Some job families like Software Engineers may have many levels vs. other job families like Administrative Assistants that only have a business need for two job levels. 

2:09 During the onboarding process included in the implementation, your dedicated Kamsa Consultant will work with you and your leadership team to establish clear career paths for each job in your organization, and we’ll align each job title to a Kamsa Job Match.

2:23 Once Job Leveling is complete, Kamsa’s Employee Data page will update with each employee’s accurate Kamsa Job Match and respective Job Level; that way their compa-ratio (or the health of their pay) will accurately show “apples to apples” aligned to their job, the market, and aligned to your compensation philosophy. 

Then, once job leveling is complete, you’ll be able to take a look at the market positioning for your company by evaluating compa-ratios.