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Kamsa displays a snapshot of your company on the Dashboard, including the overall average base-salary compa-ratio for the entire organization, the employees under market, total number of employees that have been uploaded to Kamsa, and the number of new hires this year. 

The compa-ratio is the employee’s salary divided by the market midpoint for the job they’re matched with. When the compa-ratio is at 100%, it means they’re being paid exactly at the market midpoint. Compa-ratios between 85% and 115% are considered within the competitive range. Employees whose compa-ratio is below 85% are considered below market. 

Your Company Departments are also listed, where you can see the compa-ratio by department.

When you click on the company department, the list of employees in that department will appear on the right, including their compa-ratio, Kamsa Job Match, and the date of their last known salary increase.

To the right of the compa-ratio averages by department, there is a graph icon, where if you click on it, A slideout with statistics related to that company department appears, including the overall compa-ratio, compa-ratio by gender, the opens jobs this company department has within Kamsa, a list of New Hires this year, and the employees under market. 

From here, you can open Employee Data to display the employees whose compa-ratio is below competitive in the selected department. 

If a user has access to Kamsa, but does not have access to Employee Data, then Kamsa will not display employee data on the dashboard for that user. 

For questions related to the dashboard, or for additional reporting information, contact your Kamsa Consultant.