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The Cultivate Your People tool was created to help managers make the best pay decisions when promoting or transferring an employee. This tool is useful in between your Compensation Reviews.

0:12 When an employee is selected, their current Company or Business Title is listed, along with their Kamsa Job Match, Job Level, location and market data cut. 
0:21 Their Kamsa Department and Job Family are automatically selected and will display in the drop down. To see the full Kamsa database job list, select from the Department drop down. 

0:32 Let's say an employee is being promoted from an Executive Assistant to a Project Manager. 

0:38 Kamsa will compare the employee’s current Base Salary to a typical 10% promotion increase for the new position. 

0:44 Kamsa will also show the market midpoint, market percentile, and compa-ratio for the employee's current Kamsa Match compared to the market midpoint, percentile, and compa-ratio for the new selected position for both Base Salary and Total Cash. 

0:59 If the employee is relocating; for example, moving from San Francisco to working remotely in the United States, select the new data cut, and Kamsa will display the new market compensation data for the new location. 

1:12 Cultivate Your People tool shows the compensation ranges in local currency.

1:18 When you click the Custom button, the slideout acts like a scratchpad where you can enter a different base salary or total cash amount to target a specific compa-ratio.

1:27 For more information on this employee, you can click “Open Employee Profile” 
Details on the Employee Profile page can be found in the Employee Profile video.