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If you download the Census File in Excel format, the headers highlighted in green indicate the required data that Kamsa needs to begin the job matching process. 

The fields shown in green are required fields. The Work Hours Per Week field is only required for part-time employees. 

The export also outlines the expected format for each of the required fields to upload.

Employee IDs are required and must be consistently applied across every Census File you upload going forward. For example, in a Census File upload, if the Employee ID for a given employee differs from the previous upload, Kamsa will think it's a new or different employee. If you don't yet have employee IDs established for your company, you can use employee names as long as they are unique for each employee. 

The Manager ID and Manager Name you enter for employees are used to align the correct manager to the appropriate employee. Kamsa defaults to the Manager ID when both Manager ID and Manager Name are provided, so it is important to ensure the Manager ID corresponds to the correct name (i.e., if updating Manager Name, be sure to also update the Manager ID correctly). 

The Company Job Title is essential for Kamsa's machine learning to match your employee's job title to a Kamsa Job Family and Level. When each employee is assigned a Kamsa Job Match, we'll be able to compare your employees to the market more accurately.

Kamsa's date formatting is by month, day, and year. Columns like Date of Hire, Last Date of Increase, and Date of Last Grant, are formatted by the month, day, and year. 

The Country and Work Location columns determine the data set used when comparing each employee's pay against the market or the Market Data Cut. 

The currencies entered must be the three-letter ISO codes, and cell M3 has a hyperlink to a currency code resource, which is always good to double-check. 

Enter each employee's Base Salary amount in Column N. For employees whose Pay Basis is Hourly, enter their hourly rate in the base salary column. If you don't have an employee's salary yet, enter "0".

The Employment Typedefines if the employee works full-time, part-time, or if they're temporary or a contractor. If the employee works Part-Time, please include weekly work hours in Column R. Kamsa will use this to annualize their base salary for an accurate comparison to the market data.

For employees whose pay basis is hourly and their employment type is full-time, Kamsa uses their country's standard work hours per week to calculate their annualized base salary. 

The Employment Status is also required. Most companies import active employees or those on a leave of absence; including terminated employees is not necessary for this initial import.

Those are the required fields that Kamas needs for initial job matching. We also welcome information like exemption status and gender for today's onboarding. 

If including total cash information, like commission or bonus, please include either the amount or the percentage, not both. For example, suppose the Target Bonus Percentage is entered. In that case, the Target Bonus Amount column should be empty, and the same logic should be used for Target Commission % and Target Commission Amount. 

Performance Rating and all the equity information to the right of this field are all "nice to haves"; they are more important to upload before a Comp Review to ensure accuracy when budgeting for refresh or promotion grants. You can always upload this info later.

After you upload your Census File, you'll be ready to confirm the Job Matches and Market Data Cuts that Kamsa matched for each employee!

Instructions: Completing the Census Data File

Kamsa Census File — Guide for Beginners.pdf
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