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Clicking on an employee’s name anywhere in Kamsa, opens their Employee Profile. 
0:06 On the left, the employee’s information displays, including your company’s department, job title, and their Job Level. 
0:13 Their general information is also shown, like date of last compensation review, performance rating, base salary, hire date, employment type, location, employment status, their manager and any direct reports. 

0:26 When you click on their manager’s name, the manager’s Employee Profile will open in a new tab. Click on the direct reports to see which employees report to them, as well as their high level information. 

0:37 Click Edit Profile to make changes to the employee’s information, including their Business Title, Employment Status, Manager, Location, and Market Data Cut. 

0:47 The Kamsa Match tile lists the Kamsa Department, Job Family and job the employee is matched to in the market database, as well as the Business Title, which defaults to your Company Title.  
0:59 The Cash tile lists their base salary, target bonus or incentive, and total cash. 

1:05 The Market Position tile displays the Market Data Cut and market percentile target, along with the base salary and total cash compa-ratios. Compa-ratio is calculated by the employee’s pay divided by the market rate for their matched position. 

1:20 Specific notes can be added to an Employee Profile and are displayed in the Notes section in the Current Period tab, as well as the Notes tab. 
1:32 Kamsa records any changes for each employee in the Activity section and notes which user performed the activity.  

1:40 The Market Compensation tab shows the ranges for the job the employee is matched to, in the market percentile and compensation philosophy selected in the Company Profile. 

1:50 The minimum, midpoint, maximum as well as internal average are compared between your company’s data and Kamsa’s market data for Base Salary and Total Cash. 

2:02 If you would like to see how a promotion or transfer would impact this employee's compa-ratio, click Market Price to access the Cultivate Your People tool. Get more info on this tool in the Cultivate Your People video!