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Business Titles allow companies to categorize titles in a more uniform and consistent way, as well as be able to filter by or identify like titles/roles across the organization more easily.

Example 1: Company Job Titles for similar roles may differ (i.e., Senior Front End Engineer and Senior Back End Engineer), but have the same Kamsa Job Match (e.g., Senior Software Engineer) and should have the same salary range. 

Example 2: A company might include names of regions within the Company Job Title for sales reps (e.g., Account Executive, UK or Account Executive, US), but want to use the Business Title, Account Executive for all of them to be able to filter by Business Title to more quickly identify all Account Executives within their org.

Kamsa defaults the Business Title field to the same as the Company Job Title when a Kamsa user uploads a new employee or changes an existing employee’s title (i.e., via a census data file), however, it can be edited anytime within the  Employee Data page or within an employee's Employee Profile.

Note: Business Title and Company Job Title can be the same for some employees.