Can I upload other market survey data into Kamsa?
Can Kamsa integrate with my HRIS?
Can we add additional fields when we upload data via the Census File?
Can you disable 2FA / multi-factor authentication?
Does Kamsa provide pay analysis by specific demographic(s) like gender or race/ethnicity?
Can we switch back and forth between local market data and Geo differential approach?
Can you add a job to Kamsa that I don't see available?
How can I change my phone number for two-factor authentication (2FA)?
I don’t see a job in Kamsa’s Market Compensation; can you add it?
How should we consider salary changes for employees that move to different countries?
How is the currency conversion rate calculated within Kamsa?
How should I be thinking about market compensation data when assessing contractors’ pay?
What is the difference between IC and M levels?
How should we go about posting pay ranges on our job postings?
Pay Transparency Laws Summary for the U.S.
What is a Compa-Ratio?
Should we use geographic differential, (US All) - 115% or the local market data cut, New York City Area/SF Bay Area data cut?
How do I determine the correct job level for a job?
Invested Capital Amount
Funding Series Stage
Market Position
What does Kamsa mean?
What jobs are considered technical jobs?
What market data cut should I use for executive compensation?
What’s the difference between Business TItle and Company Job Title?
Geographic Differential List
Is SSO integration available?
I can’t find a job in the Cultivate Your People tool.
US Geographic Differential Map
How does Kamsa Job Match align with employees Company Titles?
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