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Step 1: Go to Employee Data → click the Edit button (in the upper left). Go to the Manager field and enter/select the new manager’s name.

If you have more than one employee you’d like to update to the same new managers, use the multi-line edit feature: 

  • While still in Edit mode, check the boxes to the left of each employees’ names you’d like to edit.  Pro Tip: Use the Filter feature to filter down the list of applicable employees first.

  • Once all employees you’d like to edit to the same new manager are checked off, go to the Manager field (for one of them) and enter/select the new manager’s name. This change will then apply for all employees that you’ve selected.

Step 2: Click the Done button (in the upper left) to leave edit mode.

Alternatively, you can export the Census Data and in the Manager ID column, change the Employee ID for the desired employee(s) to the new manager’s Employee ID, then import the Census Data back into Kamsa.

Video: How to Edit Employee Data