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Within the Employee Data page, certain fields are hidden by default. To add to your view or edit the columns/fields that display in your Employee Data page view: 

Step 1: Within the Employee Data page, click “More” → Edit Table View

Step 2: To show a hidden column, toggle on the grey eye to the right (for the field you’d like displayed in Employee Data) to turn it green

Step 3: Within the Edit Table View pop-out, you have the option to rearrange the order of the columns by clicking and dragging the row (up or down) to your desired placement

Step 4: To show or hide an entire section (e.g,. Equity), toggle on the eye next to the name of the section (e.g,. To display the entire Equity within the Employee Data page, toggle the eye to the right to turn it green) 

Here's a video that provides an overview of the Employee Data page.